Kusherov Daiyr Adilbekovich

Deputy General Director for Economics and Finance (Board member)

Citizenship: The Republic of Kazakhstan
Date of birth: 10.01.1977
Education: Graduated from Indiana University (Bloomington, the USA) in 1998, Department of Finance. In 2001 graduated from Kazakh State Academy of Management with a specialization in «Oil Business».
Part-time position and membership of the Board of Directors: Board member, «Inter Gas Central Asia» JSC.
Work Experience:
1998 - 2000 – the Head of Internal Audit Department, Deputy Chief Accountant at pension assets management company «AkNiet»;
2000 - 2005 - Chief Portfolio Manager, Portfolio Manager, the Head of broker and dealer Department, Risk- Manager, Deputy Chief Accountant «ABN AMRO Asset Management» CJSC PAMC;
2005-2006 – Deputy Director, the Head of the Corporate Financing Department at «Inter Gas Central Asia » JSC;
2006-2008 - the Head of the Corporate Financing Department, «KazTransGaz» JSC;
03.2008-09. 2008 – Finance Director, «KazTransOil » JSC;
09.2008-06. 2012 – Executive Director of Economic and Financial affairs, «KazTransGaz» JSC;
06. 2012 - Deputy Director General of Economic and Financial affairs, «KazTransGaz » JSC.
Awards: 25th Anniversary of the Republic of Kazakhstan medal.