Project "Gasification of localities of Kyzylorda region"

The project implementation term is 2014-2016.

The project has gasified 5 localities - Aralsk, Aiteke-bi, Baikonur, Zhanakorgan and Shiely. The project also creates an infrastructure for gasification of nearby localities and improves the life quality of residents of gasified cities. In general the gasification of Kyzylorda region will allow creating a reliable power supply sources for sustainable economic growth in the region.

Within the framework of the Project implementation in the first half of 2016 there were built 6.4 km of the medium pressure gas pipeline. The project implementation is completed. In total the following works were completed under the Project: the construction of gas pipelines with a length of 1293.38 km, installation of 5 AGRS, installation of 13 hydraulic fracturing units, installation of 174 GRPSH, installation of 2 PURGs.


Project "Expansion of gasification of localities of Kostanay region"

The project implementation term is 2016-2017.

The investment project was initiated in accordance with the tripartite memorandum on mutual cooperation between Akimat of Kostanay region, KazMunayGas JSC NC and KazTransGas JSC concluded on November 17, 2015.

The project envisages gasification of Alchanovka village, Antonovka village of Denisovsky District, Toguzak village of Karabalik District, Auliekol village of Auliekol district, Kachar town, Rudnyi city, Oktyabrsk town, Lisakovsk city, further gasification of Rudnyi city.

The project includes the construction supply and intralocality gas pipelines with a total length of about 391.6 km, of which high pressure - 168.3 km, medium pressure - 9.3 km, low pressure - 214 km, automated gas distribution station - 1 unit, points Gas-block - 14 pcs., Gas control cabinet units - 5 pcs., Gas reduction unit - 1 unit.

In 2016 in framework of project implementation the facilities "Construction of gas distributing networks in Kachar town of Rudnyi city", "Gasification of Oktyabrsky town, Lisakovsk" were put into operation: 60 km of gas pipelines were built, 4 gas regulating block stations were installed.


The project "Modernization of the gas distributing system of the South Kazakhstan region" (Stage 1, Shymkent)

The project implementation term is 2010-2016.

The South-Kazakhstan region became the object of a pilot program of modernization of the gas supply system of the Republic of Kazakhstan carried out by JSC "KTG Aimak". Within the framework of the modernization of the gas distributing network started in 2009 there are being updated and expanded technical gas supply base. Worn-out steel pipelines are currently being replaced to polyethylene analogues that have longer service life and require no means electrochemical protection minimizes costs to repair them.

The expected effect of the project implementation is increasing the throughput capacity from 85,000 сm./h to 258,000 cm./h with increased system of reliability due to the multiple loopback high-pressure gas pipelines.

Updating the gas supply technical base in the South Kazakhstan region allows creating not only a new gas infrastructure, but also an advanced system of relations between consumers and suppliers.

Within the framework of the project "Modernization of the GDS Shymkent" there were built 245.7 km of gas pipelines in 2016, of which medium pressure - 146.8 km, low pressure - 98.9 km, 4605 cabinet points were installed, 8 gas points. Work on the project is completed in full.

Total for the project as of  01.01.2017 there were constructed 2403 km of gas pipelines, 46 gas control points were installed, 8 gas-filling stations, 32,906 cabinet points, 129 gas control points for cabinet rooms, 48,882 subscribers were reconnected.


Project "Modernization, Reconstruction and New Construction of Gas Distributing Networks of Localities of Mangistau region"

The project implementation term is 2015-2017.

The investment project was initiated in 2015 and aimed at modernization and reconstruction, and also construction of gas networks in Mangistau region for the purpose of improvement reliability and improvement of quality of services, elimination of shortages of gas for consumers because of insufficient productivity and unsatisfactory technical condition of gas networks.

A Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation between Mangistau  region, Akimat, KazMunayGas JSC NC and KazTransGas JSC concerning long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation in implementation of the construction project, modernization and reconstruction of gasification facilities in the Mangistau region was signed on February 5, 2015..

The project includes planned construction of new gas networks, gas pipelines of high, average and low pressure gas pipelines, bringing gas pipelines of high pressure with installation of three AGDS in Zhanaozen, a gas pipeline branch from Okarem-Beineu MGL to Shetpe village with the installation of AGRS, inter-locality, bringing underground gas pipelines of high and average pressure, and also local low-pressure gas pipelines.

In total the project envisages the new construction, modernization and reconstruction of gas distributing networks with a total length of 1217 km, the construction of 4 automated gas distributing stations, 20 gas regulating block stations, 1 gas distributing point of the cabinet room, modernization of 2 AGRS, 15 PHB and 22 GRPSH.

304 km of the gas pipeline were constructed in 2016, including 129.2 km of the high-pressure gas pipeline, 8.6 km of medium pressure and 166.1 km of low pressure, 11 gas distributing points for cabinet rooms, 3 gas regulating units for gas pipelines were installed. The implementation of the Project is continuing. Thus,  as of 01.01.2017. 506.2 km of gas pipelines were laid, 18 GRSP, 9 PHB were installed.


Project "Gasification of localities and modernization of gas distributing networks of Aktobe region"

The project implementation term is 2015-2020.

The project was initiated in 2015 and formed as an complex project, in which all the components are interconnected – social and economic development of Aktobe region, assessment of the resource base, development of the gas transmission system, technical and investment parameters of the gasification facilities in the region.

The Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation between Akimat of Aktobe region, KazMunayGas JSC NC and KazTransGas JSC concerning long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation in the implementation of projects for the construction of gasification facilities in Aktobe region was signed on February 5, 2015.

Within the framework of the project it is planned gasification of 9 localities which of a part of agglomeration and regional centers of the region, as well as construction of 3 new AGRS with a total capacity of 360 thousand cubic meters/hour and modernization of the existing shabby gas pipelines.

The economic effect of gasification of Aktobe region will include an increase in the number of consumers of natural gas by 5.4 thousand subscribers, ensuring energy security and reliable and uninterrupted gas supply to the growing needs of the localities of Aktobe region, an additional multiplier effect, expressing in possibilities of continuation of gasification of the region's territory, an increase of comfort of accommodation for the population, improvement of working conditions and life.

The gas pipelines with a total length of 370.3 km were constructed in 2016 in the framework of the Project, 2 automated gas distributing stations, 100 gas distribution points for cabinet rooms, 9 gas regulating units for gas distribution were installed. The majority of the construction and installation work for the Project was implemented in 2016.


Project "Modernization of gas distributing network in Taraz"

The project implementation term is 2011-2019.

The modernization of the gas distributing network in Taraz is a necessary measure for implementation of comprehensive measures on the reconstruction of gas distributing networks to improve operational technical reliability and safety of operation, reduce the excessive technical losses as well as rehabilitation of design capacity of gas pipelines and transition to the low-rise sector in a two-stage system of gas supply, which will improve the accounting and control of gas consumption.

As a result of the modernization of the gas distributing system in Taraz it will  be provided following effect on the project as: the increase in capacity 49 thousand cm./hour from 101.5 thousand cm. to 150.5 thousand cm./hour, reducing of technical and technological losses of gas from leakages via gas pipelines; reduce of operating costs for capital repairs to 70% the next 40-50 years, prolongation of service life of a gas-distribution system of the city for 50 years (a warranty period of service of polyethylene gas pipelines), elimination of a possibility of unauthorized inserts and gas offtake.

To justify the modernization of the gas distribution network the city is divided into 8 (eight) complexes, the complexes are divided into modernization objects. The complex are divided according to the technological scheme of shutting off the gas distributing network in Taraz for convenience of construction and installation work and shift the existing network to the new one.

The project is implemented in two stages:

- 1st stage (5 launching complexes in 2011-2016);

- 2nd stage (3 launching complexes 2017-2019).

As of 01.01.2017 the project is implemented in accordance with the approved schedule. At the reporting date all work on the first stage of the project was completed.

 The following activities were carried out for the 5th launch complex in 2016:

- gas pipelines with the length of 79.45 km were constructed, including polyethylene - 59.39 km, steel pipelines - 20.09 km; installed individual closets - 526 pieces, technical and author's supervision was carried out;

- Developed the design and estimate documentation for the first start-up complex of the second stage, an agreement was concluded for obtaining state expertise dated on December 21, 2016. The planned work is 100% complete.

As of 01.01.2017 since the beginning of the Project implementation there have been built 712 km of gas pipelines, 14,632 storage units have been installed.

The second phase of the Project will be launched in 2017.