November 27 held the inauguration of a pilot operation field Zharkum dedicated to the Day of the First President. The ceremony was attended akimZhambylskoy area Kokrekbaev Karim, CEO of LLP "Amangeldy Gas" KaldybayTulekeshev.

Experimental - industrial exploitation will be "KazTransGas". The deposit is located 215 km from the city of Taraz. Geological reserves of gas and condensate field Zharkumsostavlyayut 1 billion 273 million m3 and 41 tonnes, respectively. Recoverable reserves of dry gas and condensate production is 833 million m3 and 26 tonnes These resources may be 27 years serve as a source of fuel for the Zhambyl region. Using the extracted raw materials is beneficial for consumers. It is cheaper and superior to the imported Uzbek gas on heat transfer.

Research and industrial exploitation "Zharkum" aims to develop the resource base and increase in production of natural gas and gas condensate.

During the event, commissioned gas gathering stations, run the installation for the preparation of the gas (UPG) and commissioned by the pipeline "Amangeldy Zharkum-I-turn" with a capacity of 210 mln3 / year. At the initial stage, the gas will be extracted from 4 wells. The nominal design capacity of gas gathering stations field Zharkum 87.6 million m3 of purified gas per year, or 240,000 m3 per day.

With the introduction of deposit "Zharkum" total production in 2015 of 380 million m3. This is in addition to the existing 20% of extracted volume.

Carrying out development activities Amangeldy group of gas fields, "KazTransGas" makes a significant contribution to the welfare of the population of Zhambyl region. Increasing the economic potential of the Southern region, the company has a significant impact on the economic development of the republic as a whole, realizing the problem Address of the President RK - Leader of the Nation Nursultan Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan "Strategy" Kazakhstan - 2050 ":" In the interest of the future of the nation and the security of the state need to create strategic "reserve" of hydrocarbons. Strategic reserve would be the foundation of the country's energy security. Thus we create another defensive echelon for possible economic shocks. "

BACKGROUND: The field Zharkum refers to Amangeldy group of gas fields. Due to the continuous management of geological exploration LLP "Amangeldy Gas" is constantly pushing the boundaries of the plans due to the phased commissioning of new deposits of Amangeldy group, thereby providing a significant increase in the volume of production to 500 million. Cubic meters per year. Scheduled for drilling of exploration and appraisal wells in the field Airakty and squares sand-dune - Sultankuduk, Koskuduk. Conducted seismic studies in the area of the pipeline parameters Anabay.Tehnicheskie Zharkum-Amangeldi: diameter - 219 mm, working pressure - 6.5 MPa, capacity - 210.0 million m3 / year, the length of 15.9 km.

JSC "KazTransGas" was created in 2000 to organize the work in the oil and gas industry and operates the Corporate Asset Management in the exploration, production, transportation and distribution of gas. "KazTransGas" - the national operator in the field of gas and gas, having a successful experience in gasification of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with its human, technical, technological and financial - economic potential. The group of companies "KazTransGas" includes mining, transporting and selling gas and its products businesses and organizations.

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