In Zhambyl region to the Day of the First President has earned another gas field - Zharkumskoe. This is a unique gift to the gas industry important date. Now qualitative domestic "blue fuel" will provide residents of Talas and Baizak areas, as well as - the city of Taraz. At Amangeldy field is still mined 330 million cubic meters of gas god.A now that earned Zharkumskie new wells, methane production will increase by nearly 20%.

Karim Kokrekbaev akim of Zhambyl region

- Our region consumes about 1 billion 700 thousand cubic meters of gas per year. With the introduction of the deposit we will get an additional 65 million, and in general Amangeldy group deposits will need to cover the area of 400 million cubic meters of gas.

Field's gas reserves now amount to more than one billion inhabitants of this volume kubometrov.Mestnym enough for a quarter century.

Kaldybaev Tuekeshov, CEO of LLP "Amangeldy Gas"

- Calorific value of the fuel produced from our relatively high. Therefore, it is valuable. And it's just provides the needs of the region.

The company "KazTransGas" has established a special drive here hydrocarbons, which then converts them into a finished product.

While connected to the network first and foremost Zharkumskogo truboprovoda.V coming years hence will receive gas and large enterprises Zhanatas.

Ansar Bakbergenov, head of fisheries "Amangeldy Gas"

- In Block C-1 is carried out primary treatment gas. Completely cleaning will take place at Amangeldy field. There complex gas - there is finally served to consumers.

The development of the resource base and increase in production of natural gas and gas condensate - a priority of the company "KazTransGas". Strategic reserve of energy security will be the basis for this purpose strany.S actively developed three fields - Ayraktinskoe, Anabayskoe and Zhardayskoe.