November 23 near the town of Baikonur was officially launched construction of a gas lateral from the main gas pipeline (MG) "Beyneu-Bozoi-Shymkent" to the automated gas distribution station (AGDS) "Baikonur". This is the first object stroyashiysya as part of a large-scale investment project "Gasification of 5 settlements of Kyzylorda region" JSC "KazTransGas".

The event was attended by the First Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Bakhytzhan Sagyntai, Akim of Kyzylorda Krymbek Kusherbayev and CEO of JSC "KazTransGas Aymaқ" Ibulla angry.

According to the investment proektuv 4 regional centers (Aralsk, townships: Aytekebi, Shieli and Zhanakorgan) and the city of Baikonur will be built AGDS Intradistrict and gas pipelines. The project cost is more than 23 bln., And carried out in accordance with the Master Plan gasification of Kyzylorda region.

As part of the project is planned to build about 1,439 km of gas pipelines, 81 units of gas distribution points, 258 points cabinet. Estimated coverage of gasification of the region's population - more than 190 thousand. Residents.

The project to build intercity, intra and street pipelines carries JSC "KazTransGazAymaқ."

The source of the resource base for the settlements will be connected to the gas pipeline "Beineu-Bozoi-Shymkent", the capacity of which in 2015 will be 10 billion. M3 per year.

The project will increase the level of gasification of the region, to create the necessary infrastructure for further gasification of nearby villages. Increase the investment attractiveness and quality of life for residents gasified towns and settlements will create about 500 jobs, which buduttruditsya working directly with the passage of a line of settlements MG.


"KazTransGas" makes a significant contribution to the development of the Kyzyl-Orda region, improve the socio-economic potential and improve the welfare of the region's population. Over the past 5 years in the gasification of Kyzylorda invested $ 8 billion. There are 4 major investment projects that are connected to the gas supply about 7,000 new homes ie more than 30 thousand inhabitants of the regional center.

JSC "KazTransGas" was created in 2000 to organize the work in the oil and gas industry and operates the Corporate Asset Management in the exploration, production, transportation and distribution of gas. "KazTransGas" - the national operator in the field of gas and gas, having a successful experience in gasification of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with its human, technical, technological and financial - economic potential. The group of companies "KazTransGas" includes mining, transporting and selling gas and its products businesses and organizations.

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