About 54 thousand inhabitants Baidibek district of South Kazakhstan region will be provided with blue fuel through the joint work of "KazTransGas" and Akimat of the South Kazakhstan region. This was announced at the official launch of the construction of an automated gas distribution station №18 «Shaldar" (hereinafter AGDS) to 1365 km of gas pipeline "Beineu-Shymkent" gas line and from it to the village Shayan length of 32 km.

Over the last 10 years of joint efforts Pravitelstva Republic of Kazakhstan and JSC "KazTransGas" in South Kazakhstan region gasified 96 settlements, including the last 2 years of natural gas was provided by 51 town. However, this work is only the beginning, as in accordance with the approved plan of activities for the gasification of the region in 2019 is planned to perform works for the supply of natural gas to 419 settlements in the direction of the main gas pipeline Gazly-Shymkent.

October 17 this year, the leadership of "KazTransGas" and Akimat of the South Kazakhstan region in order to implement the Message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Leader of the Nation NA Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan "Socio-economic modernizatsiya- main vector of development of Kazakhstan" from 27.01.2012 years and "Strategy" Kazhstan- 2050 "from 14.12.2012, as well as taking into account the significant role of gas in forcing industrial-innovative and socio-economic development of the South -Kazahstanskoy region and the Republic of Kazakhstan as a whole, have launched the construction of the gas line in Baidibek area inhabited by 54 million people in 52 locations.

Earlier in the settlements of the region gas comes from the Republic of Uzbekistan on the main gas pipeline of high pressure Gazly-Shymkent, now, starting in 2014 the gas will come from the MG-Beyneu Bozoi-Akbulak to 1365 km.

In this direction, in order to ensure gas 8 districts of South Kazakhstan region was developed project documentation for automated gas distribution station and gas pipelines.

In this regard, JSC "KazTransGas" has allocated money for the construction of the supply pipeline 32 km to the village Shayan with AGDS "Shaldar" where residents can feel quite measure heat from natural gas.



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