September 25, 2014 a subsidiary of JSC "KazTransGas" - TOO "AvtogazAlmaty" with the assistance of Akimat of Almaty and the South Korean company "Kor-KazCNGInvestmentLimited" were put into operation two NGV filling stations "CNG", which, in turn, not only will save budget of the city, but also help improve the environment of the air basin of Almaty.

Thus, today in Almaty, JSC "KazTransGas" in conjunction with the South Korean company "Kor-KazCNGInvestmentLimited" built 4 CNG. Total of Almaty are 5 CNG stations built with the participation of JSC "KazTransGas" that serve 450 buses, 33 units of cleaning equipment and about 500 units of passenger vehicles that run on natural gas (not to be confused with liquefied petroleum gas - propane, butane ). It is worth noting that the use of natural gas abroad, in addition to public transport, is often used in the agricultural and mining equipment, in particular in countries such as Iran, China, Pakistan, India and Argentina. Consumption of natural gas as a motor fuel in the world for the past 10 years has increased 7 times with 5.4 billion. M3 in 2003 to 37 billion. M3 in 2012. In Kazakhstan, the work in this direction is already gaining momentum, as this fuel is more environmentally friendly and economical fuel than conventional - gasoline and diesel.

It should be noted that compressed natural gas from different customary for all liquefied petroleum gas - propane and butane, that is accompanied by lower emissions, lower freezing point - 183 ° C, lower operating costs and greater safety. At the same time, liquefied petroleum gas does not apply to heavy vehicles due to loss of engine power and disadvantages in use in cold weather conditions, that is not the use of natural gas.

It is worth mentioning that from 2011 to the present day with CNG "KazTransGas" sold more than 40 million m3 of gas, that is substituted with 32.8 tonnes diesel fuel.

In addition, deficit in continuous gasoline and diesel, compressed natural gas becomes the best option for application. Cost of 1 m3. gas today in times less than the cost of gasoline and diesel AI92, which makes compressed natural gas fuel more attractive. The consumption of natural gas in a substantially identical flow m3 gasoline or diesel engine in liters.

The company plans later this year to continue to develop a network of CNG filling stations in the country as a whole. In particular, it is already working on the design of CNG stations in the cities of Aktobe, Kyzylorda and Shymkent, and negotiations are under way in the regions with local agencies to transfer vehicles to use natural gas as fuel.
JSC "KazTransGas" was created in 2000 to organize the work in the oil and gas industry and operates on gas sales and corporate asset management in the exploration, production, transportation and distribution of gas. C July 2012 the company picked the national operator in the field of gas and gas supply.

Kor-KazCNGInvestmentLimited - founded in 2011 and Kolon Korean companies Kogas-Tech, for the implementation of the joint Kazakh-Korean project for the construction and operation of CNG filling stations in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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