JSC «KazTransGas», the national operator in the field of gas and gas supply, developed proposals and introduced amendments to certain regulatory documents specifying the requirements to gasification of residential houses.

Previous construction norms and rules on design and construction of buildings excluded the installation of gas equipment above the tenth floor. Today these restrictions are not practiced. They also removed the restriction on installation of small heating boilers on gas fuel in additions of multistorey residential houses. Amendments also provide for compulsory installation of the gas content system with automated gas cut function at reaching of dangerous level of natural and carbon oxide (carbon monoxide) in each premise with the gas equipment.     

Special working group has been formed for development of these innovations in domestic technical regulatory documents. Specialists of JSC «KazTransGas» studied the international practice on the gasification of high-rise buildings, carried out preliminary engineering calculations of house gas pipelines and then analyzed regulatory documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan and neighbor countries. Finally relevant materials have been prepared jointly with the Technical Committee for Standartization and submitted to competent public authorities.

Alterations and amendments have been introduced in three regulatory documents:

1. CN of RK РК 4.03-01-2011 «Gas-Distribution Systems»;

2. CNaR of RK 3.02-43-2007* «Residential Buildings»;

3. СN of RK 4.02-12-2002 «Engineering Design Requirements of Small Heating Boilers on Gas and Ligid Fuel. Fire Protection Requirements»

Approved alterations in regulatory technical documents provide for the installation of gas equipment and small heating boilers on gas fuel in additions of multistorey buildings on design and construction stages. Now they allow residents of multistorey buildings transferring from expensive power energy to natural or liquetied gas to cook, water heating for domestic needs.     

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If nearly ten years ago building structures and fire extinction opportunities did not allow conducting the gasification of multistorey housings, today advanced technologies removed these restrictions. Nowadays contemporary scientific achievements, planning and architectural innovations and emergency prediction and liquidation systems allow conducting full gasification saving a required safety level. In such countries as Russia, UAE, Korea, China and other restrictions for gasification concerning the number of storeys have not been practicing for over ten years.    

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