The implementation of one of large-scale projects by the national operator JSC «KazTransGas» on the modernization of gas-distribution networks in Taraz started in 2011. The termination of the project is scheduled in 2019. The main purpose is to renew gas networks and equipment to improve the reliability of gas consumption.

The gasification of the regional center was carried out half of a century ago. The depreciation level of gas pipelines and equipment at the start of the project reached the critical value of 66% from total mileage of gas pipelines. Emergency situations and failures with the gas supply could be inevitable without taking of relevant urgent measures.

The modernization program provides for not only replacement of obsolete pipes and equipment, it shall completely change the whole gas supply system of Taraz. JSC «KazTransGas» decided to refuse to use underground low-pressure gas pipelines and to replace for underground medium pressure gas pipelines.

Total of 940 km of private gas pipelines will be replaced under this project. New medium pressure gas pipelines have been already supplied to consumers and connected through mini cabinet gas-distribution points. In addition, all obsolete steel pipes have been replaced for polyethylene pipes with the service life of over 50 years.

The introduction of innovation projects such as transfer to two-phase gas supply system, shall allow solving the issue of insufficient gas pressure, improving the carrying capacity 1.5 times, detecting and removing of illegal tap-in. The contemporary gas supply structure shall ensure stable, continuous and round-the-clock gas pressure in the main pipeline.    

Bolat Murtazaev, Director of Zhambyl production branch of JSC «KazTransGas» noted: «Taraz and Shymkent are two megacities of Kazakhstan where such large-scale modernization of the gas-distribution system is carried out for the first time in the territory of CIS. Besides the replacement of obsolete gas pipelines and infrastructure for modern and advanced high-technology equipment, this project also provides for the total change of the systematic approach. And this vast project by JSC «KazTransGas» proved the efficiency of the formula «Investment in exchange for tariffs».

As of 01.10.2015 the actual laying of underground gas pipelines comprised 633 km, 14,106 units of individual cabinet points have been installed. All modernization works are performed for the account of owned and borrowed funds of JSC «KazTransGas».  

For reference: Total mileage of gas pipelines in Zhambyl Region comprises over 3,891 km, including 1,368 km in Taraz. 8 of 10 districts have been supplied with gas, namely: Talas, Zhambyl, Baizak, Zhualin, Ryskulov, Merken, Shu, and Kordai. The number of gas-distribution points – 83, cabinet gas-distribution points – 1,099, individual cabinet points – 14,106. The number of apartments supplied with gas in the region – 162,851; the number of industrial enterprises supplied with the natural gas – 167 and municipal enterprises – 4,077.  

JSC «KazTransGas» is the national operator of Kazakhstan in the field of gas and gas supply. JSC «KazTransGas» consists of mining, gas and gas product transportation and selling enterprises and organizations.  

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