«Aiteke bi» automated gas-distribution station (AGDS) has been commissioned within the framework of «Gasification of 5 settlements of Kyzylorda Region» investment project run by the national operator JSC «KazTransGas».

Krymbek Kusherbaev, Akim of Kyzylorda Region, and Galym Aidossov, First Deputy Director General, JSC «KazTransGas», attended the ceremonial event of the commissioning of AGDS and gas supply objects.

They have laid out over 38 km of gas pipeline tap from «Beineu-Bozoi-Shymkent» main pipeline, installed AGDS, 3 gas-distribution points, 42 gas-distribution cabinet points and supplied nearly 345 km of block gas-distribution  networks under the gasification of Aiteke bi village in Kazalinsk District. These facilities shall allow ensuring continuous gas supply of over 41.8 thousand residents, including 7,974 private houses, 120 large-panel houses and 126 municipal enterprises.

According to Galym Aidossov, First Deputy Director General, JSC «KazTransGas»: «The national operator provides over 7 mln consumers of our country with gas and over 20 thousand domestic industrial, production and municipal enterprises with commercial gas. In addition, we supply over 35 thousand subscribers to gas-distribution networks each year. A case of point is the commissioning of «Aiteke bi» automated gas-distribution station today. JSC «KazTransGas» is a national company, therefore, the gasification of the most distant settlements along with large cities is our main task. As You can see our plans are implemented successfully».  

Only in October Zhanakorgan, Shieli and Aiteke bi villages, Kyzylorda Region, have been connected to the gas supply system. The company is planning to commission 1 more AGDS and to feed gas in Aralsk. They are also planning to terminate the gasification project of Baikonur, Kyzylorda Region, by the end of the year.

Generally, the project provides for gas supply of over 190 thousand residents of Kyzylorda Region. 1,439 km of pipelines, 81 units of gas-distribution points and 258 cabinet points have alreaby been built in the region. At that, all pipelines and infrastructure  facilities are commissioned ahead of the schedule. 

Nearly 7 thousand new houses have been connected to the gas supply system within last 5 years. Large enterprises, small and medium business objects of Kyzylorda gradually transfer to the ecological fuel. In 2013, «KazTransGas» JSC attached municipal gas networks to «Beineu-Bozoi-Shymkent» main pipeline. Thus, the gas shortage in the winter season has been removed.  

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