The official ceremony on commissioning of «Beineu-Bozoi-Shymkent» main pipeline (MP) at «Beineu-Bozoi» site has been held today.

The construction of «BBSH» MP is carried out under the State Program on Forced Industrial-Innovative Development. This project allowed providing the stable natural supply from the western fields for the southern part of the country.

«Commissioning of «BBSH» MP shall be a historic event by its importance as it has connected all main pipelines of the country into the single gas transport system. It allowed diversifying the gas transport in any direction and excluding totally the gas dependence. Thus, JSC «KazTransGas» will continue the implementation of tasks set by President on the increase of transit potential and energy resourse transportation» - noted Kairat Sharipbaev, CEO of JSC «KazTransGas».    

The termination of this project is scheduled to April 2016, however the pipeline has been commissioned 5 moths earlier right to the start of the heating season. In addition, due to effective management and innovative supervision JSC «KazTransGas» in the course of the construction managed to save nearly 150 bln tenge (500 mln USD) of the initial scheduled amount. Under unstable global economy conditions and limited sources of financing such provident approaches shall allow implementing further infrastructure projects.  

Owing to the main pipeline 557 southern settlements covering the half of the whole population will be supplied with gas.

For  reference: The project started in December 2010 when Kazakhstani and Chinese companies, JSC «KazTransGas» and «Trans-Asia Gas Pipeline Cоmpany Limited», founded LLP «Beineu-Shymkent» on the equal-share basis. The commissioning of the main pipeline shall allow connecting all main pipelines of the Republic of Kazakhstan into the single gas transportation system: «Soyuz», «Middle Asia-Center», «Bukhara-Ural», «Bukhara Gas-Bearing District–Tashkent –Bishkek – Almaty», «Gazli-Shymkent», «Kazakhstan-China».

Press Service of JSC «KazTransGas»

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