«Zhanakorgan» automated gas-distribution station (AGDS) has been commissioned within the framework of «Gasification of 5 settlements of Kyzylorda Region» investment project.

Krymbek Kusherbaev, Akim of Kyzylorda Region, and Ibulla Serdiev, CEO (Director General) of JSC «KazTransGas», have attended this event.

They also built a gas pipeline from «Beineu-Bozoi-Shymkent» main pipeline, 7 km of high pressure supply gas pipeline, 2 gas-distribution points, 27 gas-distribution cabinet points and 275 km of block gas pipelines under the gasification of Zhanakorgan Village. Today over 30 thousand residents are supplied with the natural gas, including 5,410 private and 27 multistorey houses, 167 municipal enterprises.

The company is planning to introduce 3 more AGDSs and supply Shieli, Aiteke bi and Aralsk with gas. They are also planning to terminate the gasification project of Baikonur, Kyzylorda Region, by the end of the year.

According to Ibulla Serdiev, CEO of JSC «KazTransGas»: «By virtue of efforts of the national operator, JSC «KazTransGas», 5 regional districts will be supplied with gas within a month for the first time in Kazakhstan. Thus, over 190 thousand residents of Kyzylorda Region will be able to use the most convenient and ecologically clean fuel. 1,439 km of gas pipelines, 81 units of gas-distribution points and 258 cabinet points have been built within a short period in the region. Today the region is entering a new qualitative level of gas supply. This project allows us contributing into the improvement of living standard and quality of the population».