On the eve of New Year the national operator JSC “KazTransGas” supplied gas to Batyr Village of Munaily District, Mangystau Region. 

On the eve of New Year the national operator JSC “KazTransGas” supplied gas to Batyr Village of Munaily District, Mangystau Region. This project has been implemented within very short period – it took only four months for gasification of one of the largest settlements in the region. Over 100 km of pipelines have been laid, 6 gas-heating gas stations were installed.

These facilities shall allow providing continuous gas supply of over 35 thousand residents of Batyr Village, including 7,800 thousand private houses, 98 large-panel houses, nearly 60 social facilities and enterprises. Upon termination of the project, the total length of gas pipelines will comprise 226 km. 

JSC “KazTransGas” also finished the construction of a connecting gas pipeline between Zhyngyldy and Taushyk villages in Mangystau Region. Gas supply interruptions due to pressure reduction in gas networks were observed in these settlements since 2012. At that, the number of new consumers and natural gas consumption volumes increased annually. In 2012, the number of subscribers comprised 5,400; in 2015, it increased to 6,200 subscribers.   

To solve this problem the national operator developed and implemented the project on construction of a 30 km high- pressure gas pipeline between Zhyngyldy and Tauchik villages. 

New connecting gas pipeline shall connect high-pressure gas pipelines “Zhetiday-Shetpe” and “Aktau-Fort-Shevchenko”, it shall allow directing required gas volumes to Zhyngyldy, Shaiyr, Tushibek and Shetpe villages, solving totally the problem of gas shortage during the heating period. In addition, the pipeline can be used for gas supply of Tupkaragan and Mangystau districts in case of repair of one of the said pipelines and occurrence of emergences.

According to Director of Mangystau production branch of JSC “KazTransGas Aimak” Talgat Kanapin: “All works were performed within the framework of approved investment program on modernization, reconstruction and new construction of gas distribution networks in settlements on Mangystau Region for 2015-2020. Projects for this year have been implemented ahead of schedule. Generally, upon termination of this investment program, the total length of modernized and built gas pipelines shall comprise 1,125 km”.

For reference: In February 2015 JSC «NC «KazMunaiGas», JSC “KazTransGas” and Akimat of Mangystau Region signed the memorandum. This document within the Master gasification scheme of the Republic of Kazakhstan till 2030 provides for the construction of new gas networks, high-, medium- and low-pressure gas pipelines, high-pressure head gas pipelines with 3 AGDS in Zhanaozen, offset gas pipeline from “Okarem-Beineu” main pipeline to Shetpe village with AGDS, inter-settlement, head underground high- and medium-pressure gas pipelines, and also inter-settlement low-pressure has pipelines.

JSC «KazTransGas» is the national gas and gas supply operator of Kazakhstan. Group of JSC «KazTransGas» includes enterprises and organizations producing, transportating and selling gas and gas products. 

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