Director of Department for Gas Industry Development of the Ministry of Energy of RK Galym Nurgaziev and Director General of JSC “KazTransGas” Ibulla Serdiev held a modern briefing and answered journalists’ questions.

According to speakers within the years of independence Republic of Kazakhstan increased the level of gas production five and a half times. As the results for 2015 show gas production comprised 45.3 bln cub.m which exceeds gas production volume to 5% in comparison with 2014. 

Gas export also increased. According to results of 2015 export indicators comprised 12.7 bln cub.m. which is higher to 15% than the 2014 level.

Director of Department of the Ministry of Energy noted that Head of State evaluated the development of energy infrastructure in his Address “The path to future”. He noted that they did great job within the framework of the industrialization program for last 5 years. Namely, they are implementing the project of construction of “Beineu-Bozoy-Shymkent” gas pipeline. The third line of “Kazakhstan-China” main pipeline has been commissioned.

The development of gas industry in Kazakhstan is implemented based on system program documents. In 2014, ME of RK developed and approved Master Gasification Plan of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Concept of Gas Sector Development which provide for key directions of the state gas policy and activity on provision of stable gas supply for consumers.   

According to Master Plan to 2030:

•        the gasification level will be increased from current 7 to 10 mln people;

•        over 1,600 settlements of the republic will be provided with gas.

Over 130 gasification projects for total amount of 99 bln tenge were implemented for the account of budget means since 2006 till present. In the result within last 8 years a number of gas-fired settlements increased from 730 to 1,200 and gas supply area increased to 2 mln people.

Works on national gasification are performed for the account of budget means and financing by JSC “KazTransGas”, a national operator in the sphere of gas and gas supply. It should be noted that the national operator allocated nearly 111 bln tenge for the implementation of gasification projects since 2006.

JSC “KazTransGas” provides gas to over 7 mln consumers and over 30K enterprises in 10 regions of Kazakhstan. 70 settlements were connected to gas supply last year.

The national operator will continue the implementation of investment programs by formula “tariffs in return for investments” oriented at gasification and modernization of gas distribution networks in 8 regions for total amount of 60 bln tenge. Besides, they are planning to construct and modernize over 7K km of gas pipelines by 2020.

Ibulla Serdiev paid special attention to safety at use of gas equipment in household. He noted that the national operator informs people by means of mass media, instruction sheets, holds raids and meetings with consumers. He called people to control gas equipment, the condition of flue funnels and ventilation, not to install boilers of doubtful and primitive manufacturers, and recommended urgently to use gas alarms in their houses. 



JSC «KazTransGas» is the national operator of Kazakhstan in the sphere of gas and gas supply. JSC «KazTransGas» consists of mining, gas and gas product transportation and selling enterprises and organizations

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