Public hearing of the corporate report of JSC “KazTransGas Aimak” on gas transmission in gas distribution systems and main pipeline in 2015 took place in Taraz. Representatives of the Committee on Regulation of Natural Monopolies (CRNM) of RK, Akimat of Zhambyl Region, consumers and mass media representatives attended the hearing.

The main reporter was First Deputy Director General KTGA Galym Aidossov. He reported that in last period gas transportation in distribution and main pipelines reached 10 bln 071 mln 106 thousand cubic m, which is 20% more than in 2014 (8 bln 368 mln). Total mileage of distribution and main pipelines operated by JSC “KazTransGas Aimak” increased to 26.6%, from 28.330.80 km to 35.870.18 km. In last period total number of subscribers reached to 1 mln 621 thousand units.     

As for achievements of the company Galym Aidossov noted that “specialists’ efforts allowed improving the quality of services, in 2015 70 settlements were supplied with gas, 60 thousand Kazakhstani kids now consume gas. Formerly JSC “KazTransGas” in average supplied 30 thousand subscribers, last year this figure increased twice. The volume of local market consuming comprised 12 bln cubic m of marketable gas. Termination of the construction of linear section “Beineu-Bozoi” of main pipeline “Beineu-Bozoi-Shymkent” and commissioning of the third line of “Kazakhstan-China” main pipeline were big events. It allowed diversifying gas transportation in the territory of Kazakhstan and excluding dependence on import gas. During this heating season for the first time south regions suffering from the lack of gas were supplied with our domestic gas”.

Chief Specialist of Gasification and Industrial Safety Department, Power Industry and HMH of Akimat of Zhambyl Region Bolat Kaliyev noted that Akimat together with branch of JSC “KazTransGas Aimak” cooperate based on mutual understanding and support. They carry out the modernization of gas pipelines. Thus the company contributes to social and economic development of the region and living standard of residents. B.Kaliyev informed about the end of heating season and thanked the staff for professionalism.

A large-scale program on change and renewal of gas-supply networks in south regions provide good results. Thus in Shymkent subscribers consume gas based on a new updated system. The program on modernization of the gas transmission network in Taraz provides for full modernization of the gas transmission network in terms of implementation of a two-stage gas supply system which shall allow continuous gas supply to all 2015 261.98 km of new gas pipelines were built in Taraz. 6,888 individual cabinets were installed and 1.9 thousand subscribers were linked to new gas supply scheme within a year.     

In 2015 Association entered Almaty Region gas supply market after opening new Zhetisu Production Branch in Talgar.

In order to prevent gas stealage by consumers works on installation and commissioning of automated gas metering instruments (GMI) at industrial enterprises have been carrying out in Zhambyl and South Kazakhstan region since 2014. These instruments include anti-vandal box with security alarm, electronic corrector with temperature sensors and online data transfer.

The number of installed GMI in Zhambyl Region in 2015 comprised 28 instruments, in South Kazakhstan Region – 18 instruments, in Kostanay Region – 2 devices.   

Within the framework of the transformation program and to provide effective management of services they developed and follow the agreement on outsourcing of certain services (connection/disconnection of gas supply for household and/or municipal consumers, who violate terms of gas supply, repeated and initial gas start, sealing of gas metering instruments, etc.) between PF and service company CCMS (Billing). 

Works on introduction and use of single payment document (SPD) in Aktobe, Mangystau, Atyrau, Zhambyl, Kostanay regions were carried out since 2015 jointly by a billing company and Kazakhstani center of interbank calculations (KCIC) for the purpose of improvement of payment collection procedure. It allowed simplifying payments for consumers and minimizing the number of instances where a consumer has to solve his issues related to payment of municipal services.  

Company successfully implements investment projects according to formula “tariffs in return for investments”. National operator has already replaced old obsolete gas pipeline with new qualitative and reliable ones. 

Last year JSC “KazTransGas” supplied 4 district centers of Kyzylorda Region, namely Aiteke bi, Zhieli, Zhanakorgan and Aralsk. Company built nearly 1,400 km of gas pipelines.  

The construction of leading gas pipelines to Komsomol, Uil, Kosestek, Irgiz for 250 km has been terminated in Aktobe Region.

221 km of gas pipelines in Zhyngyldy, Taushyk, Batyr and Beineu, Mangystau region, were laid down and modernized.

National operator will continue the implementation of investment programs in 8 regions and will build and modernize 7 thousand km of gas pipelines till 2020.

In 2014 the company according to EFQM methodic was rated to 3-start level and in 2015 after successful evaluation by the group of external EFQM validators certified next level “Recognized for Excellence 4 Star”.

For reference: JSC “KazTransGas Aimak” was founded in April 2002. Company deals with has transportation in gas distribution networks, accident-free and continuous gas supply of the population, household-municipal, industrial enterprises and gas transportation infrastructure management. Company operates in 10 gas-supplied regions of Kazakhstan using main and distribution networks with mileage of over 35K km. Client base includes over 1 mln 600 thousand subscribers.

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